Return my keys: Key return service

With the AlarmNet Key Return service, lost keys can quickly find their way back to you.

With an AlarmNet ‘return my keys’ key tag on your keys, anyone who finds them can simply drop them into any Australia Post mail box and the keys will be returned to AlarmNet.

The unique number on the tag means that while you remain anonymous to the general public, AlarmNet will be able to identify you and get your keys returned to you quickly.

This simple and easy service means that keys which would have been lost forever can now find their way home without compromising your security.

The key tag costs just $14.95, additional tags can be purchased for $10 at the time of order. The fee includes standard Australia Post delivery charges.

Return my keys

How our ‘Return my keys’ service works

Every AlarmNet key tag has a unique number. When you register for an AlarmNet key tag, your details and the tag number are stored in a secure database within AlarmNet’s 24/7 security monitoring facility.

The key tag is postage paid from anywhere in Australia. The finder just drops them into any Australia Post mail box.

Australia Post will deliver the keys direct to AlarmNet and we will contact you to arrange for your keys to be returned.

This can be done by post, collection from our office or returned direct to you via a licensed security patrol officer for an additional fee of $55 (within 40 kilometres of our office).

How it works
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The cost of the AlarmNet Key tag is $14.95. Additional tags are available at the time of order for $10.

All ‘return my keys’ tags will be registered against the contact details of the initial tag unless details are provided of the individual tag holders.

A form will be sent out with the key tags prompting the additional tag holder to complete and return.

The cost of the key tags includes standard Australia Post delivery charges.

Upon receiving a set of lost keys we will contact you using the details held in our database and arrangements for the secure return of your keys will be established.

Keys may be collected from our office during office hours – no collection fee is applicable. Alternatively a security patrol officer can be arranged to return your keys to you personally for a charge of $55.

Please note that the return of keys is not guaranteed. AlarmNet takes no responsibility for the recovery of lost keys. AlarmNet takes no responsibility for any missing items or keys from any returns.

By ordering you expressly agree that your use of the AlarmNet key return service is entirely at your own risk.

In order for the service to be effective you must keep your contact details up to date with us.
Please email any change of details to